Piano Grading

Piano Grading In Singapore

Most of the piano learners in Singapore will usually go to the piano exams carried out by either the Trinity College of London’s examination board pr the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) . They are both United kingdom music examination boards. Trinity and ABRSM both provide graded exams from grades one to eight. All these examinations include both theory and practical. There aren’t any pre-requisites needed for grade one to five piano examinations. On the other hand, from grade six to eight piano examinations, learners need to have already obtained the grade Five Theories of Music or practical examinations prior to being permitted to continue further. Following the grade eight piano examinations, learners can opt to advance their skill level by opting for the diploma examinations, which is carried out by the two exam boards. In the diploma level, there’re three different awards to be obtained. Nevertheless, there’s a small difference in naming convention between the 2 exam boards. For Trinity, they provide the following awards: Associate Trinity College of London (ATCL), Licentiate Trinity College of London (LTCL) and Fellowship of Trinity College of London (FTCL). For ABRSM, they will award the following in ascending order: Diploma of ABRSM (DipABRSM), Licentiate of Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) and Fellowship of Royal Schools of Music (FRSM). For each of the diplomas, learners can opt to focus on either performance or teaching. At Trinity, written diplomas like Composition and Musical Literacy will also be provided.

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