What’s the service that I can get from Singaporepianolessons.org?
We offer the service of locating an ideal piano teacher according to your needs and venue. We’ll recommend a teacher we’ve worked alongside and also have obtained good feed-back and unbiased recommendation from other learners.

Do I need to pay any fee?
There isn’t any FEE for the parents or students. When we’ve successfully located the right teacher to suit your needs, we’ll impose a one-time fee on piano teacher. The fee is equal to the fee of two piano lessons. It is obtained from the pupil / parent, and is taken off from the teacher’s 1st month’s tuition fee.

Therefore, by the end of the 1st month, merely two sessions of the fee are payable to the piano teacher (presuming there’re four sessions a month). Following the initial month, the parent / student pays the fees straight to the piano teacher.

How much time will it take to look for an ideal teacher?
We normally take 1 – 2 working days to respond.

How to tell if the piano teacher is good?
Our piano teachers have at least a qualification of Grade 8 by ABRSM / Trinity Guildhall. A lot of them also possess related music diplomas/ degrees. Then again, you can request the teachers to show you their certifications on the 1st lessons.

What happens if I need to change a piano teacher?
It’s advisable that learner to stick with the teacher for a minimum of one month so as the teacher can understand the learning style of the student, and then adjust it.

If you want to change a teacher within the first month, we will provide a change in teacher for at no cost. The student / parent needs to pay any amount, which is due to the teacher for any provided sessions.

Please take note that we will charge the new piano teacher the referral fee as usual.

I wish to find a piano teacher right now. How can I sign up?
You may give us a call or fill up the form below:


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