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Are you planning to learn piano? Looking for piano lesson in Singapore? You have made a good choice! If you were to engage an effective piano teacher, you might notice amazing results to the point where you feel satisfied with your choice.   Learning how to play piano builds up self-discipline, concentration, co-ordination, and also memory. If you learn piano, you will develop a very good sense of rhythm and rhythm. It is really a method to express your creativity and emotion, even though words and phrases can’t convey the feeling. Proficiency and performance in playing piano develops self-confidence and a feeling of achievement. That’s where wonderful journey of piano starts. Also it can become as easy as  learning one-two-three. piano lessons singapore picture

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  • We offer you a complimentary E-Book & Audio – ‘Learn To Play Piano’ (worth S$34.90)

Summary of this audio e-book

* This audio e-book details piano concepts that can be easily understand by you. It is written in plain language for people who have not played this musical instrument before. You can easily understand this guide much better than any other beginner’s lessons you may have attempted in the past. * In this guide, you learn about detailed information on music for the piano. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn to read music or lean chords and improvisation. It provides you all the information. You learn everything including where to put your fingers on the keys, how you can play an impromptu song, etc… This particular audio e-book does everything!

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Why Should You Choose Us?
  •  Creative and passionate 1 to 1 piano teachers who really love to teach kids.
  •  Dedicated & committed teacher.
  •  Diligent and caring personal teacher.
  •  Customized pace & curriculum for adults or kids
  •  Certified teachers with Trinity and ABRSM Qualifications
  •  Learn at the convenience of your own home – no longer headache of rushing back and forth
  •  Cost-effective and fair rates
  •  Teachers who talk to parents regarding kid’s improvement.

Learn from the ideal teacher to get a great foundation!

piano teacher singapore picture Lots of people don’t realize the significance of grasping the fundamentals in terms of learning piano. Mistakes which starters make and don’t correct quickly before it turns into a habit will end up an obstacle while they attempt to progress to the next level & grades. The effort and time put in to correct the mistakes & re-learn the right techniques is often discouraging. It is the reason why it’s so crucial that you learn from an excellent teacher starting from the beginning. You’ll save money, time and build a solid foundation by learning from an appropriate piano instructor, starting from your first step. We will source and locate the right one for you. You can take the piano lessons at the comfort of your house or at the teacher’s studio which is near to your home!  

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